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Midlands Estate Sales offers a free, no cost consultation to guide you through the process of liquidating personal possessions. Offering estate (also called tag) sales, online auctions and off-site (liquidation) sales, we will consult with you on the appropriate liquidation method, or combination of methods that will be of greatest benefit to you.

If, after the consultation, you determine that Midlands Estate Sales can best meet your needs, we will then enter into a mutually agreed upon contract that stipulates the services we will provide and the cost to you. In regards to cost, we are paid on a commission basis.  Sale preparation, packing and moving and trash-out fees may be applicable depending on the circumstances of the liquidatuion.

The liquidation process we employ normally occurs in four phases:


Phase One

Determine the full extent of items to be liquidated.

Phase Two

Determine the appropriate means for liquidating the items. These include:

  • Conduct of an estate (tag) sale (usually 3 days) on the client's premises;
  • Conduct of an off-site liquidation sale which involves removing items to be sold from the client's premises and placing them in one of our estate sales and/or in appropriate Columbia-area auction houses;
  • Placement of selected items in an on-line auction (ie. EBay);
  • Direct sale of selected items to Columbia area dealers, collectors and buyers;
  • Donation of items to charitable organizations with tax receipts provided.

Phase Three

Conduct of the appropriate liquidation process.

Phase Four

Forwarding of the proceeds generated by the liquidation process to the client, minus any applicable fees associated with the cost of preparing/conducting the liquidation and the commission due Midlands Estate Sales. Tax receipts generated by donations will also be forwarded.

If you have any questions about our liquation process please don't hesitate to contact us.

Call us at (803) 361-6222 or,

E-mail us at [email protected]